domenica 21 ottobre 2012

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A detail of a mural at Santa Maria Antiqua, one of the oldest churches in the Roman Forum.
Riapre al pubblico dopo otto anni la chiesa di Santa Maria Antiqua nel Foro Romano, straordinaria testimonianza della cristianità e dell'arte bizantina dell'Altomedioevo. 

Read the article published by New York Times and express your views and comment:

- why is it  considered a monument of outstanding beauty?
- have you visited it?

3 commenti:

  1. The church says the transition from imperial Rome at the time Christianity. The holes I have visited several times.

  2. The Ancient church of St Mary is a site of remarkable variety and beauty because:

    -for long time it was the monumental access to the Palatine imperial palaces;

    -This church is the oldest Christian monument in the Roman Forum;

    -includes the earliest Roman depiction of Santa Maria Regina.

    Unfortunately I've never visited,
    but I will propose it at archeological teacher for include this halt in our Archeological Tour in Rome!

  3. I'm afraid.. google translator doesn't always work ... ;-)
    Foro Romano=Roman Forum
    Foro was the name that the Romans gave to the central square of the urban settlement. Here the masses would flock to see the meetings of the orators, attend criminal trials and discuss internal politics or quite simply to comment on the games or running races.