lunedì 3 dicembre 2012

First group presentation

St. Giovanni Battista Church. Matera. Basilicata. stock photography 

Thursday 29th November 2012

After weeks and weeks spent on preparing their  presentation .. they made it!!!
Last Thursday a group of willing and hard work students gave us an interesting as well as entertaining tour (in English)  of the St John Baptist church in  Matera. A church which I personally had never visited before so I thoroughly enjoyed it!
St  Giovanni Battista Church  Matera  Basilicata  Italy  stock photography 
Detail of a church. Stock Photo - 11689537  The presentation was the result of a well researched and properly planned work. The students: Giuseppe_1, Gianni, Ambrogio, Giovanni, Giuseppe_2 and Filippo enlightened us on the church historical background, gave us information about its different uses over the years and added their own comments to how the church had actually been restored.

To make sure we could all appreciate that medieval and mystical atmosphere  they even had a Gregorian hymn being put on especially for us on entering the church. That was a real bonus!! 

This event could be the first of many others to come. Hopefully,  later on in the year!! 

I understand it wasn't easy for some of you to present something totally in English .. that is why YOU really deserve a loud "wel done"!! 

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  1. For me, it has been a beautiful job!

  2. how nice to speak English in class is frustrating, long live the teacher gave me the voice, bye

  3. A very good and hard work..we can speak english!!!!!!

  4. You were really good. I also hope to be to create a good presentation

  5. Congratulations to Giuseppe1, Giuseppe2, Giovanni, Gianni, Ambrogio, Filippo for the good presentation of the St. John Baptist's church in Matera.