venerdì 21 marzo 2014


First part of the lesson

Some students will be giving  a presentation . Their topic has been chosen from the World Heritage List

I expect students will have prepared their topic fully and done some research on it. They will have to use some very good persuasive language in order to convince their audience that their site is the one worth visiting!

Student's name:
N.B. Tell us your name, what  was your topic and how did you prepare it?

Second part:
Unit 3 Legislation
FBI Art theft

Hollywood myth of art crime:
Topkapi 1964
Thomas Crown Affair 1968 Thomas Crown Affair 1999
Danny Boyle's Trance 2013 

From the news: Gustav Klimt theft case reopens in Italy 17 years on

Third part of the lesson
Giornate FAI 2014

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  1. This afternoon at the site of San Rocco, was presented the project UnMonastery. These guys are from different countries who will develop the projects of Matera.
    How about if we pass the three-hour lesson with them, perhaps visiting them in their residence?

    The interesting thing is that they speak in English and then we could talk to them in English.

    teacher I'm sorry if I used the translator for a few sentences.

  2. Hi Vincenzo, many thanks for sharing your piece of news with us! Your suggestion sounds interesting .. you could easily go there outside lesson times! ;-) couldn't you?? As for the project, I would like to learn something more about it. What's is all about? Do we have a website to look it up??

  3. Website is:‎

  4. Good morning! My name is Mary Imma Forte. My topic for the presentation was "MINARET AND ARCHEOLOGICAL REMAINS OF JAM." I did some research on the topic by consulted the internet and organized images with a presentation
    Power Point. I hope you enjoyed. See you soon!

  5. Thanks Mary Imma!! Why do you think people should visit your site?

    1. Because Minaret constitutes an important archaeological evidence of civilization and art and outstanding example of Islamic architecture.